Beat Bazaar is a not for profit music development & cultural organisation based in Manchester,  which supports musicians and provides music making opportunities for the community.   We deliver innovative projects, which enable participants to gain to new skills, opportunities and experiences. Our project connect young artists & creatives with the creative industries, through training, networking and professional showcase events.

Our Work


Beat Bazaar was founded in 2009 as a grass roots urban music initiative, which brought together community artists and musicians to collaborate, experiment and perform together.  In the beginning the company organised several collaborative songwriting sessions, bringing together producers, vocalists and musicians to experiment with sounds and develop new songs.  The workshops led to several events and showcases entitled Beat Bazar Live.  A Beat Bazaar electronic music showcase was also part of the Decibel festival in 2009 and combined breakbeat, dubstep, hip hop and soul with live instrumentation and vocal performances from several established singers.  The project also led to the production and release of an album, entitled We Know Where You Live, produced by Backdraft which was released on Botchit & Scraper Recordings.

Beat Bazaar has been broadcasting a regular weekly radio show on Unity Radio 92.8FM, showcasing many grass roots artists and new music from around the globe.

Beat Bazaar’s collaborative workshops have enabled an array of artists to exchange beats, ideas, skills, experiences, stories and sounds, leading to new songs, creative works and products. We have nurtured and supported countless artists and have actively promoted the development of Manchester’s grass roots music scene.


Our aim is to continue to deliver high quality  innovative music programmes , cultural events and creative education, bringing together communities and cultures through musical collaboration, creativity and expression.

We are committed to nurturing new music talent and actively promote the development of new music by providing high quality hands on music making opportunities.  We passionately believe in the power of music in connecting communities and educating, inspiring and empowering all of us.

Our projects provide valuable cultural learning experiences by exploring and celebrating diversity and culture through music making.  Beat Bazaar is about exchanging beats, music, roots and culture.   We work with all genres and musical styles from grime to folk, jungle & dub step to lovers rock & thrash metal.  We like to think global and we encourage multilingual intercultural music making.  We are experienced at working with young people, as well as adults and the community .  We have over a decade experience in using music as a youth work tool and in informal education.

We have also been developing international partnerships, and are working towards international collaborative music exchanges.  We have already established partners in Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Denmark.  We aim to connect global communities through cultural and musical exchanges.