Music Workshops & Projects

Are you working with a group of young people who would like to make some music?  Or do you need to organise a music workshop for your team?  Are you looking for a private music tutor?  Or do you want to learn how to use your recoding studio?  Do you need a singing coach….. a bass player…..A DJ to improve your skills?   Whatever your music workshop needs are, get in touch and we are happy to assist

We deliver music workshops & projects for the community.  Our projects take place in a variety of settings from youth clubs to community centres, theatres, clubs, parks, schools and recording studios.

We can tailor projects to suit your needs, combining a variety of workshops and activities to engage with participants. Our workshops are inspiring and fun, using non- formal teaching methods, focusing on the participants needs.

We offer one to one tuition,  as well as group projects. We can specialise tuition to suit your taste.

All our music workshops are led by professional artists and musicians with plenty of knowledge and experience of the music business.  They also offer guidance and advice in various aspects of music such as live performance, gigging, production, etc.


We offer the following music workshops and more

  • Singing & Vocal Coaching
  • Songwriting
  • Music Production & Recording
  • DJing
  • Beginners Guitar/ Bass
  • Performance Skills