Bloc2Bloc Entertainment

To keep up to date with the REAL Manchester music scene, check out  MANCHESTER’S NUMBER 1 NIGHT LIFE BROADCASTER:  Bloc2Bloc Entertainment. 

Showcasing the best and the rest of local, regional, national and international talent, this channel brings you quality music content from the city where it’s at.  

Led by the charismatic Jack Banner, who is  one of the of the most energetic groover shakers in Manchester, Bloc2Bloc covers everything thats hot and happening in this city’s eclectic nightlife.  Jack Banner does not miss a thing!  He is everywhere……sometimes he is even in several places at once. 

Bloc2Bloc shares Beat Bazaar’s ethos and mission to champion Manchester’s emerging music talent and get some recognition for the countless artists who deserve to shine.  So it’s all about the B’s this year.  

To see the latest video offerings from Bloc2Bloc, click on this post!