Catch Burga Boy live on the Beat Bazaar Show | On Sunday 23rd September | 11PM -1AM | Unity Radio 92.8FM

This week on the Beat Bazaar show, Ottilia will be talking to Burga Boy.  Tune in to an exclusive live interview with an artist who knows how to build a buzz! 

A few weeks ago, Beat Bazaar had the pleasure of witnessing  a surprise live performance from Burgaboy, at Pandemomium Festival in Old Trafford.   The performance happened right at the end of the day, and it was very impressive indeed.

As soon as Burga Boy stepped up on the mic and said ‘one two one two’, at least 150 teenage fans gathered in front of the stage in anticipation.  It’s as if they have been waiting all day for their favourite artist to appear and the moment had finally arrived.  They were buzzing, with their hands in the air, shouting out the track-titles they wanted to hear live.  It didn’t matter which song Burga Boy was going to perform, they knew the words to all of his tracks.  A solid massive local fan base !!

Burga Boy has been building this buzz over the last few years.  He  sprung onto the UK Garage scene in 2007 when he started producing bassline tunes.

He is well known all over the UK for his part in changing the face of the bassline scene with countless big bangers like ‘I Can Love U‘ and ‘You Lied’ featuring Teresa to remixes such as Scorcher’s ‘Lipsing Ting’,Rihana’s‘s ‘Whats My Name’ and Drake‘s ‘Over‘.

From an early age the sound that he created was so different that it was only a matter of time before the underground would be flooded with this sound.

This year Burgaboy is set to blow !!

Listen to the interview This Sunday 23rd September from 11PM -1PM on Unity Radio 92.8FM