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Are you an up and coming musician or a young artist, passionate about music and dance? Would you like to learn a new skill, or improve your existing skills? Maybe you would just like to have a go at something new and have some fun. Throughout August we will be running online creative workshops for young people aged 11-25 in singing, music production, DJing, songwriting & performance, MCing & poetry, movement & dance on Zoom. The workshops will be for small groups and we can also deliver some one to one sessions, if required. The workshops will be led by experienced professionals.


The following artists are all experienced workshop facilitators, who are all looking forward to providing creative workshops for you online. Check out the info below, and complete the application form, if you want to take part.

Lorien Edwards

I am a freelance sound engineer working on tours with bands around the World, Taking Tour managing duties on many of the smaller tours. I work at several venues around Manchester and I am also the bass player in the Manchester band: Honeyfeet. I run youth music workshops for Beat Bazaar working with young people in professional studio environments, supporting them to develop music and studio skills. I will be offering some sessions in music production, if you would like to improve your sound, make better beats and gain some studio tips.

Tameka Bowman

I’m Tameka, a 22 year old singer/songwriter and mental health advocate born and raised in Manchester. I’ve been trained professionally in singing starting aged 8, and from there have performed for millions across the years. I’m currently signed with AntiGravity records and singing songwriting as a hobby alongside childcare work. I aim to inspire young people to find their voices without feeling the anxiety that may usually come about; if singing makes you happy then you’ll feel right at home. I will personally be facilitating zoom-style online sessions for groups up to 6 or for anyone needing 1-1 support. I really look forward to raising your confidence in a totally new way!

Tikira Ah-Tou

I am a dance for well-being practitioner with a special interest in yogic culture. My sessions are interpreted by individuals in a uniquely personal way that opens them to a new sense of freedom, that is exhilarating, surprising and deeply restorative. If you like to dance and express yourself through movement, come and get involved.

Dagga G

My name is Glen aka Dagga G. I am a DJ /producer and radio presenter from Manchester with over 20 years experience in the music scene mixing the distinct UK sounds of garage grime and DnB while occasionally dropping other genres into the mix, including house, Hiphop, ragga, footwork synth and Retrowave so always expect surprises. Currently I am a resident at Reform Radio hosting the UK garage and grime show. I will be running some online DJ workshops, touching on music production and radio presenting.

Ian Smith aka Infidel

My name is Ian aka Infidel. I am a conscious performance poet coming from Manchester with a deep raw vibe. I try to be versatile in style ranging from Live Music, Spoken Word, Hip Hop and Grime. I can help you with your creative writing, improving your lyrics, bars and self expression. Get in touch If you would like to spit live or join me in a creative writing session, songwriting collaboration.

Bedos Mavanubu

Rapper, Host and active member of Manchester music and art scene. I am one of the original members of In The Loop, with more than 15 years experience as a performer and facilitator on music based projects. I also am a visual artist and content creator. Most importantly an avid believer in music and art as a way to educate and uplift the mind. As part of this project I am offering workshops in songwriting and structure, live performance, collaboration with other creatives.

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Stories of you(th) life

Long term training course aiming to promote inclusion, tolerance and mutual understanding , fighting racism and stereotyping whilst contributing to the integration of migrants and refugees through storytelling and creative youth work methods.

The overall aim of this project is to develop and promote a new positive narrative of inclusion through creative and innovative youth work activities. The project will train youth workers and youth leaders giving the chance to young Europeans and young refugees and migrants to meet and share and explore their stories in order to match them with the needs of the communities they live in.

As a results of this training, we foresee to realise a final publication in which thoughts, reflections & stories of migrations developed as “modern fairy-tales” will be presented. The publication will also promote the concept of “community match”, defined as the opportunity to match the stories, skills and knowledge of the migrants with the needs and opportunities of the community they live in.

Partner organizations:

Teruletfejlesztok a Videkert Egyesulet- Hungary, HYP- Greece, T2EU-Spain, HARIT- Romania, GEDED-Turkey, Avatud Ühiskond MTÜ- Estonia, ADEL-Slovakia, Studio Progetto-Italy, Beat Bazaar- UK

Count Erasmus

Training course on exploring and practicing the Not Just Numbers Manual made by UNHCR and developing local and European youth campaigns against xenophobia, radicalisation and intolerance among young people
18-27. January 2020, Manchester, United Kingdom

The overall aim of the training course is to develop the youth work competences of youth workers, youth leaders in order to adapt and use the non-formal learning methods and techniques of Not Just Numbers Manual made by UNHCR based on the needs and profile of their local target groups. To fight against raising xenophobia, radicalisation and intolerance towards refugees and migrants through local and European online and offline campaigns and youth activities.

18-27. January 2020, Manchester, United Kingdom

Partner organizations: Beat Bazaar Projects Limited- United Kingdom, Scambieuropei- Italy, Teruletfejlesztok a Videkert Egyesulet- Hungary, Geded- Turkey, Active Youth- Malta, Amsed- France, Inocvaciju Biuras- Lithuania, The Starry Start of Talents Foundation – Bulgaria, HYP- Greece

Triple I

Long term youth project on exploring and practicing Labyrinth Theatre and Forum Theatre as creative and innovative youth work methods in order to support the integration of refugees, migrants, minorities into local societies

Themes of the long-term project:
Migration is a growing and permanent part of Europe's future. We live in the world which faces a major migrant` crisis and has very little answers for it. Today, anti-semitism, racism, xenophobia and anti-migrant sentiment are again rising across Europe. Stereotypical thinking and tendency to blame minorities for negative social phenomena such as unemployment, crime or loss of welfare is very common in the communities settled by ethnic minorities. Despite much ongoing work done to date regarding increasing solidarity, eliminating discrimination and fighting against human rights violation, the reality shows how important it is to further work with young people, in the area of dialogue and harmonious interaction at all levels of the society. Especially in our target regions, where people live next to each other and they share neither a common language, nor
common religion and customs, which increases the chances of inequality, lack of solidarity, forming stereotypical viewpoints and cultural alienation. Furthermore, our target countries show a high rate of migration; xenophobia against non-nationals, and in particular, migrants, constitutes one of the main sources
of contemporary racism. All of the above mentioned factors, often become the root causes of various tensions and massive violation of human rights. It's especially important to actively work with youth workers and young multipliers who will spread European values in their own communities and develop effective strategies to address the issues of discrimination and marginalization towards minority groups.

''NGOs, voluntary organizations play a substantial role in providing services in local levels. They need some tools to deal with those issues. Recent studies show that intolerance and social exclusion are increasing, with some migrant groups feeling alienated. This is leading to incidences of social tensions and unrest. Non-formal Education has a key role to play in preparing societies for dealing with these phenomena.”

( European Commission)

The project intends to promote active participation of young people in society, it brings long-lasting effect as project participants will start working on local initiatives, developed during the training seminar, with already improved
competences. The project supports the professional development of youth workers and will raise awareness of the EU values. The long term training course will provide opportunities to learn on other cultures and countries and to build networks of international contacts.

So the overall aim of this long term project is to empower youth workers, multipliers from hosting communities as well as refugees to create dialogue that leads to integration and establishes a culture of peace.

The methodology of the project:

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