Different Ships

We are currently busy preparing for our Erasmus Plus Partnership Building Seminar, taking place in Manchester from 13th -20th of December.
Our partnership building seminar will welcome participants from Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania & Italy and aims to bring together youth workers, youth leaders, project managers directly working with young people and people with a migrant or a refugee background in order to explore together migrant culture and to share the political, cultural, educational, economic approaches of different countries towards migrants and refugees.

The seminar will give participants the opportunity to share ideas, discuss various approaches on working with refugees and migrants; and develop youth projects that challenge stereotypes and prejudices, bring people together and celebrate intercultural youth work.

In this seminar we plan to build partnerships between organisations working with migrants and young people through supporting each others local work and devising youth exchanges together, aiming to bring together migrants and refugee young people from different cultures, from different countries to share their cultural background and develop their understanding of intercultural youth work.

So the overall aim of this long term project is to provide a safe space and opportunity for youth workers, youth leaders from European and migrant’ communities to work together, to share their information and knowledge on migrant’ cultures, to break stereotypes and prejudices concerning migrants and share experiences on how to bring different groups of young people together. To get familiar with the diverse migrant cultures and use it as positive tool in youth work. To establish partnerships and devise youth exchanges in order to involve young people from European and migrant communities, to work together and gain knowledge about migrant cultures.

Dream Catchers

We are pleased to be the UK sending organisation on this long term partnership training course proposing to promote inclusion, tolerance and mutual understanding / fight generalization, racism and stereotypes and to contribute to the integration of migrants and refugees.

11-19 October 2019 Tortoli, Italy

The overall aim of this project is to develop and promote a new positive narrative of inclusion through creative and innovative youth work activities. To train youth workers and youth leaders giving the chance to young Europeans and young refugees and migrants to meet and share and explore their stories in order to match them with the needs of the communities they live in.

Objectives of the project are:

Find you(th) creativity

We are pleased to be the UK sending organisation on this international youth work training course funded by Erasmus Plus.

“Find you(th)r creativity!” is a training course on music, RMA and social media as non-formal educational tools and approaches in order to improve self-confidence and self – esteem of young people with cultural differences and supporting their employability.
The course is set to take place on 10-18 November 2019 in Zalau, Romania

Theme of the training course:
Exploring how to use Music, Reciprocal Maieutic Approach and New Media as educational tools and methods of youth work to foster self-confidence and self-esteem of young people with cultural differences and enrich their competences in order to make them more competitive in the labour market.

Triple I

Long term youth project on exploring and practicing Labyrinth Theatre and Forum Theatre as creative and innovative youth work methods in order to support the integration of refugees, migrants, minorities into local societies

Themes of the long-term project:
Migration is a growing and permanent part of Europe's future. We live in the world which faces a major migrant` crisis and has very little answers for it. Today, anti-semitism, racism, xenophobia and anti-migrant sentiment are again rising across Europe. Stereotypical thinking and tendency to blame minorities for negative social phenomena such as unemployment, crime or loss of welfare is very common in the communities settled by ethnic minorities. Despite much ongoing work done to date regarding increasing solidarity, eliminating discrimination and fighting against human rights violation, the reality shows how important it is to further work with young people, in the area of dialogue and harmonious interaction at all levels of the society. Especially in our target regions, where people live next to each other and they share neither a common language, nor
common religion and customs, which increases the chances of inequality, lack of solidarity, forming stereotypical viewpoints and cultural alienation. Furthermore, our target countries show a high rate of migration; xenophobia against non-nationals, and in particular, migrants, constitutes one of the main sources
of contemporary racism. All of the above mentioned factors, often become the root causes of various tensions and massive violation of human rights. It's especially important to actively work with youth workers and young multipliers who will spread European values in their own communities and develop effective strategies to address the issues of discrimination and marginalization towards minority groups.

''NGOs, voluntary organizations play a substantial role in providing services in local levels. They need some tools to deal with those issues. Recent studies show that intolerance and social exclusion are increasing, with some migrant groups feeling alienated. This is leading to incidences of social tensions and unrest. Non-formal Education has a key role to play in preparing societies for dealing with these phenomena.”

( European Commission)

The project intends to promote active participation of young people in society, it brings long-lasting effect as project participants will start working on local initiatives, developed during the training seminar, with already improved
competences. The project supports the professional development of youth workers and will raise awareness of the EU values. The long term training course will provide opportunities to learn on other cultures and countries and to build networks of international contacts.

So the overall aim of this long term project is to empower youth workers, multipliers from hosting communities as well as refugees to create dialogue that leads to integration and establishes a culture of peace.

The methodology of the project:

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Culture Skills

Last month Beat Bazaar Projects successfully launched a brand new community project entitled Culture Skills funded by the National Lottery Awards for All. The Culture Skills project was launched at Góbéfest, a three day community festival celebrating Eastern and Central European Culture in the heart of Manchester City Centre, in Albert Square. The project offered high quality volunteering opportunities, embracing and encouraging community leadership and providing valuable experience in community event organising. Twenty volunteers took part in the project, working in all areas of the event, from stewarding to running workshops in the activity tent.

The Culture Skills project is tailored to the learning needs of community leaders from Eastern European backgrounds. Culture Skills continues to offer advice, guidance, workshops and training in fundraising, writing funding applications, safeguarding, health & safety and other aspects of community leadership.

GoBe Backstage!

GoBe Backstage provided high quality work experience placements for young creatives aged 18 -30 through shadowing key event roles at our city centre cultural festival, Gobefest. The project worked with over 20 talented young creatives, some of whom have already gone into paid work within the festival & events industry.

The project also delivered dance and music outreach workshops for Eastern European community groups and commissioned professional artists to help them create their own dance and music to be showcased at Gobefest.

The project enabled the festival producer to gain professional development and further learning through mentoring and advice from more advanced professionals.