Erasmus+ Opportunity in Manchester : Vice Versa

Project starts in Nov 13, 2021

Vice Versa is a training course on exploring gender equity and combating inequality through creative tools and methods within youth work activities.

13-20th November 2021, Manchester, UK (Arrival on 12th and departure on 21st)

The overall aim of the training:

To train youth workers to involve youth in exploring gender equality and combating inequality.  Gender equity and inequality will be addressed through the use of creative digital tools offering a powerful means for reflection and call to action; digital media also has the widest impact and reach. The project aims to bring the participants messages for gender equity and equality through comics that are featured in a joint comic book and presented in a public exhibition.

Participating countries:

 Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Turkey, Italy and Greece and UK.

The methodology of the training:

Methodology of the project is based on an intercultural approach and non-formal education. We have prepared a dedicated workshop (theory and practice) on non-formal education to enable participants to understand how this tool can be used and applied in their everyday youth work reality. The training will utilise a variety of exercises, combining individual and team work, learner-centred ways, theoretical inputs and approaches to increase the active participation of youth workers during the planned activities.


How to Apply ?


Send the completed application form to the following email:



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