Erasmus + Opportunity - "Think right"

Project starts in May 6, 2021

"Think right " is a training course on music, RMA and social media, using non-formal educational tools and approaches in order to improve self-confidence and self – esteem of young people with cultural differences and supporting their employability.

Themes of the training course: Exploring how to use Music, Reciprocal Maieutic Approach and New Media as educational tools and methods of youth work to foster self-confidence and self-esteem of young people with cultural differences and enrich their competences in order to make them more competitive in the labour market.

The overall aim of the training course is to train youth workers, youth leaders for supporting young people with cultural differences scaling up their potential and employability through the Reciprocal Maieutic Approach (RMA).

Participating Countries : Hungary, Romania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Greece, Spain, UK

Learning objectives of the training course are:

  • To share and explore youth work methods that aims particularly at growing young people with cultural differences’ self-esteem and feeling of belonging to society, increasing the confidence promoting music.
  • To empower youth workers, youth leaders and youth work organisations developing new working methods, tools and materials based on non-formal education and experimenting music as an educational pedagogical tool.
  • To being capable for boosting young people with cultural differences’ employability and self – confidence by using their own music traditions to discover their roots as a starting point for their professional and personal development and active participation in their societies.

6-15 May 2021 on Zoom Platform

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