Future Sounds

Project period: Oct 1, 2015 - Oct 1, 2018


United Kingdon

Future Sounds offered hands on activities in music and creative arts, focusing on improving employability by strengthening digital and creative skills of young people aged 15-25. Participants were able to fine-tune and utilise their creative skills, artistic skills and musical skills using professional industry standard work spaces. The project offered positive peer influences. All workshops were led by successful local creatives, artists & DJs, who are also highly skilled community leaders.

Participants developed their own original songs, recordings, videos from scratch and performed them to their local community. The project empowered young people by enabling them to spread positive messages in their communities via their own creative and musical works. They also had the opportunity to find out about jobs in the creative and music industries. The project improved their basic key competences: personal skills, social skills, communication skills, writing skills, listening skills, technical Skills, digital skills. Through inbuilt discussions, lyric writing and debates the project also challenged risky behaviour and helped change antisocial attitudes.

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