Inspire Online

Our organisation has been awarded funding from the Arts Council of England's Emergency Response fund to work towards adjusting our business model to be able to better function in an online digital environment, whilst increasing our resilience, by improving our connectivity both within our organisation and within our wider cultural networks locally, nationally and internationally.

As part of the Inspire Online project we have delivered an online version of our annual festival Góbéfest streaming 27 hours of content online, from music and dance performances, to workshops, cookery sessions over 3 days.

Currently we are also providing training for our freelance creatives to explore new ways of delivering creative workshops and non formal education online, adapting workshop delivery to a distant learning/ online environment. Our facilitators are looking forward to providing online workshops for young people in DJing, Music Production, Dance, Singing, MCing, Performance. We are grateful to the Arts Council of England for providing vital support for our organisation during such difficult times.

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