Make A Change | Empress Asher & Lorien Edwards


‘Make A Change’ is a powerful & emotive debut single from the incredibly talented singer-songwriter ‘Empress Asher’ from Manchester UK. It is also the first single from the forthcoming ‘Feel Good Album’ and the first official release on Beat Bazaar Records. Make a Change is a thought provoking yet soothing offering, with Asher’s soulful vocals layered perfectly over the minimalist contemporary electronic beats constructed by the skilful producer Lorien Edwards.

The song serves as an official introduction to Empress Asher, who is no newcomer to Manchester’s underground music scene, where there is a buzz and excitement around her. Influenced by a range of music from reggae to jungle, Asher likes to fuse different styles and flavours in her music. However, it is perhaps her connection with soul, rare groove and RnB that is most evident, when listening to Asher’s smooth and soulful song Make a Change.

Growing up around South Manchester during the 80s and 90s, in a society where disparity and inequality was rife, has been a huge influence on Empress Asher’s song-writing. This comes through in her lyrics in Make a Change, which carries a poignant message about the struggles in life, calling for a change! Make a Change marks the start of a very busy year for Asher, who has several songs in the pipeline and is currently working on a solo EP with Lorien Edwards.

Cutting edge video and remixes coming soon! Support this fantastic new artist from Manchester
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