MiC Bytes Xpresstivities Videos

Check out some of the live performances from last Friday’s Mic Bytes event, which took place at Jam Street Cafe. Warm and easy vibes, a cozy atmosphere and tantalising music made this event rather special.

The Xpresstivities began with poetry from the fantabulous Mic Bytes founder and veteran Mancunian poet Chris Jam

Next up was Empress Asher who performed a selection of soulful songs: Raindrops, Make a Change and Addicted.  She was followed by local rapper G Host who stepped up on the mic and got the audience nodding to his rap beats.

G Man simply blew everyone away with Big Tune For Lil people and got a massive applause from the audience

Natasha Maximova quickly got the audience on their feet with her high energy performance of Don’t Chat , produced by DJ Void

Angeli ‘Angel’ Sweeney kept the crowd grooving with State of Altered Consciousness produced by Ra-Man