Music Potential Legacy Sessions

Project period: Sep 28, 2018 - Sep 29, 2019


United Kingdon

On the 28th & 29th of September 2018, Beat Bazaar delivered a 2-day interactive event at STUN Theatre, Z Arts, Manchester. The event was entitled the Music Potential Legacy Sessions and offered a comprehensive short course for young creatives aged 18-27 on the theme of self-employment and launching a freelance career, featuring 60 - 90 minute sessions including panel discussions,
workshops, advice sessions and networking opportunities.

Day 1 incorporated the following elements, taking place from 10AM-5PM
• Panel discussion with inspiring creative entrepreneurs, sharing their career and business journeys to date
• Small group work with panelists, offering participants further opportunities to ask questions as well as pitch their own business ideas and gain feedback
• A networking lunch
• Learning about different business structures, with a particular focus on freelancing and understanding the key skills required such as self-motivation, time-keeping and managing relationships
• Learning how to write and present a business plan (practical activity with guidance)

Day 2 incorporated the following element taking place from 10AM-5PM:
• Learning how to create and manage a budget effectively (group work including
forecasting and explanation around cashflow)
• Learning about important processes, for example, policies and procedures related to DBS, tax and public liability insurance (this session will be led by a creative industries accountant / tax adviser)
• A networking lunch
• Panel discussion with inspiring creative entrepreneurs, with a focus on how to secure funding and available funding options
• Learning how to complete a funding bid (practical activity with guidance)

The event was attended by 31 participants, majority of whom were from Manchester. 9 participants came from the other Music Potential cities London, Birmingham and Belfast. 9 participants were not Music Potential Alumni.


  • 97% of the participants stated that their confidence has increased after attending the Music Potential legacy sessions. Only 1 person stated that they were already confident enough.
  • 100% of the participants stated that they have a better understanding of the practicalities involved in being self employed.
  • 100% of participants stated that the workshops contributed to improving their skills.
  • 87% of participants stated that they have a better understanding of applying for funding and managing finances/budgets.
  • 87% of participants are prepared to go freelance after taking part in the event.

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