Beat Bazaar works with many partner organisations. We love to connect, collaborate, exchange ideas and make things happen .  If you would like to work with us, get in touch.

trafford_housing_trustTrafford Housing Trust (THT) is an independent housing company providing around 9,000 quality affordable homes within the Trafford area of Manchester. It is“profit-for-purpose” organisation, striving for a society transformed, free from poverty, inequality and injustice. Trafford Housing Trust provides funding for community organisations and initiatives, and has funded several Beat Bazaar Projects.  We also work in partnership with the THT youth team.

The2167d7ddc70ee480f63f5fabe8a7918a_400x400 Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Manchester  work with a wide variety of voluntary youth groups and projects throughout the most disadvantaged communities of G
reater Manchester, providing a diverse range of opportunities for young people and volunteers.

Their programmes seek to provide as many opportunities as possible for young people to grow and be the best that they can be and to help them to move beyond their boundaries whether they be real or perceived.

The origin of the organisation goes back to the mid to late 1800’s when our founding clubs such as Adelphi Lads Club, Hulme Lads Club, Openshaw,Salford, Ardwick and Stockport Lads Clubs were established by groups of prominent businessmen to help combat the growing problem of what was called ‘Scuttling Gangs’ in the inner-cities of Manchester & Salford. These massive clubs, some 500 or 600 members strong had been formed to provide a basic education and positive recreational opportunities in a safe and secure environment.

unity-logo-bwUnity Radio Creation

Unity Radio’s aim is to provide a consistent and positive reference point for young people in the city to access information and services both as individuals and in groups which will support their growth to become responsible citizens. Unity Radio has as a wealth of experience delivering sessions to young people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Unity Radio has previously worked all across Greater Manchester, Oldham, Stockport, Cheshire and Salford.

Unity Radio is currently delivering workshop programmes that encourage Young People to develop their self-confidence and take pride in their own efforts and achievements.Their team are confident in that through popular culture, Arts and music we will be able to develop relationships, and can provide opportunities to encourage young people to become engaged in positive activities and develop a strong youth voice and identity both within the North West, nationally and internationally. By using artistic genres including Hip Hop and urban street culture, the workshops engage Young People at a familiar level and help encourage and develop positive behaviour towards each other and to their environment. The workshops are delivered locally by the same young artists who perform on the station.

dancehouse_logoThe Dancehouse Theatre on Oxford Road, Manchester and its sister company The Northern Ballet School have brought a varied and interesting mix of comedy, dance, music and drama to audiences across the North West since 1994.

photoBloc 2 Bloc Entertainment is an exciting video production company, providing video production  services for Manchester’s independent artists and labels. Bloc 2 Bloc is  Manchester’s most popular YouTube Channel,  covering the city’s vibrant music scene and broadcasting exclusive performances & interviews with emerging and established  DJs and musicians .

Sylvia's-logoTrinity Connections is an independent record label owned and founded by the highly acclaimed singer songwriter Sylvia Tella whose singing career spans over 40 years.

logoHollowsphere AV  supply professional sound & lighting equipment as well as projectors for conferences, presentations, concerts, parties, weddings, club nights and launch events to corporate and private clients, charities, churches and religious organisations, schools and social enterprises.

logoPANDA is a membership organisation, here to proactively support venues, companies and individuals working in the performing arts sector in the North. We do this by facilitating networks, providing training and consultancy, offering professional advice and guidance, and creating connections.


My name is Oliver Wilson and I work in the creative industries.

I was part of the team that launched The O2 Arena in London, I have promoted concerts for Prince, Bon Jovi, Beyonce and Jay Z across the UK, and I also worked for Goldenvoice in Los Angeles and the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in California. I was a presenter on BBC Radio One for several years and an assistant producer for the BBC on their coverage of the Formula One World Championship. These are just a few highlights of my career, which has taken me all over the world working in the music, entertainment and broadcasting industries at the highest level.

Let me tell you that none of this would not have happened if I had not been mentored by Ottilia when I was a teenager growing up in Manchester. As a young man I was keen to enter into the music industry, an enthusiasm that was embraced and nurtured by Ottilia. She gave me my first job in events promotion and also at a record label – formative experiences that laid the foundations for my future successes. Since that time I have made my own way in the entertainment business however have seen Ottilia nurture and develop many other talented young individuals. The influence she had on me was significant and there are many other young people since that have been (and continue to be) blessed with her attention and support.

The renaissance of Manchester in the latter half of the twentieth century was in a very large part due to an explosion of arts emanating from our city. Now we must continue to support the arts in Manchester in order for our city to continue to flourish. 

As such, supporting Ottilia and her venture Beat Bazaar is a key requirement to supporting the arts and supporting our city. She is a central figure in the artistic fabric of Manchester.

Firstly I would like to commend you on your tireless efforts with young people across Manchester. I have known you now for several years 
and seen the great work you have done with young people across Manchester but in particular Trafford not only for the young but the mentors who have not only excelled as teachers but as artists themselves.  

I have known you now for 16 years and you work and achievements have been relentless during this time I have seen many young musicians come through the ranks from your projects as well as mentors being able to continue there musical careers because of the work they have obtained from you which to me has been a win win situation for all this has never been more true that your work at Gorse Hill Studios or your legendary club nights Squiggle Dee Mash ! Music education is key to a city like Manchester we have we have a long tradition of music from this city going global and buy making sure these future artists not only have the business acumen but the education behind them you are setting them on the right path to a full filling and successful career in the industry.  

Giving young people belief they can truly make something of themselves and your track record of proving this is a combination that must be kept in Manchester for the greater good of all.

I have been in the music industry now for 20 years and run festivals globally as well as djin across the globe but it all starts from the roots of where we live and your work at Beat Bazaar is vital if Manchester is to stay on the world musical stage and to help achieve this you have my full support to help deliver this.

Wilf aka DJ Prophecy | North Base | Metropolis 

For almost a decade, Beat Bazaar, has been at the core of much of the talent and artistic development work delivered in Trafford, and as such has been responsible for creating and supporting fantastic talent, which has been recognised by Industry, as being responsible for much of Trafford’s youth music success, with artists gaining both local and National recognition, which Unity Radio has had the pleasure of supporting through broadcast across Greater Manchester and beyond via

A major part of Beat Bazaars success, is the buy in from emerging and established artists. It is this belief in the company’s integrity, and mission, which brings out the very best potential in musicians. As a music service, Beat Bazaar, benefits from Ottilia’s own commercial music background and experiences, working in promotions and with the leading Industry, and it is this reputation that satisfies astute youth and artistic talent, to feel confident that they are receiving the very best guidance, advice and support. It therefore comes as no surprise that Beat Bazaars reputation amongst artists has continually grown year on year, and projects have produced a continually high quality of artistic output, along with steadily increasing support and demand amongst local musicians, for Beat Bazaar projects.

One of the key differentiators in the quality of Beat Bazaar projects, is Ottilia’s keen interest in making sure that young people can access the very best music and studio equipment, so that real potential can be unlocked, and as many barriers can be removed to help talent get music out into peer networks, and the local and National Industry.

Beat Bazaar therefore understands the importance of providing high quality music education programmes, to make sure that professional studio equipment is used effectively, and that knowledge is shared amongst all those participating in the projects. With this ethos and working to the Beat Bazaar’s objectives to support talent to produce and release high quality music, the highest music education experiences and outcomes are delivered.