Rhythm of Our Thoughts - ROOTs - Erasmus Plus Training Course.

Get involved with our next Erasmus Plus training course on exploring and practicing education through music, with
special focus on visual arts and web design as positive non – formal educational tools for empowerment, participation and intercultural communication. The training helps youth workers encourage European Citizenship amongst marginalised young people through music and the arts.

Rhythm of our thoughts will take place between 17-25 June 2017 in Manchester, United Kingdom and will welcome participants from Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Turkey and the UK.

Themes of the training course:
Exploring music as educational tool within local and European youth work activities with special focus on IT technology as visual arts and web design.

“ROOTS: Rhythm of our thoughts” – what is music in your youth work?

  • Music for empowerment of marginalized young people – who, what, when, why, how? – self - esteem and self – confidence;
  • Music for participation – motivation, involvement, communication skills, responsibility, management skills, etc.;
  • Music for culture mixture – ambiguity, cultural identity, intercultural communication;
  • Music for Europe – visual arts and web design as tools for European citizenship: active participation in local community and experiencing the feeling of being European

The overall aim of the training course is to train youth workers, youth leaders to explore and adapt creative and innovative non – formal educational methods and tools as education through music into their local youth work activities in the sake of marginalized young people they work with.

  • To learn and practice how music with special focus on visual arts and web design can be a great tool for empowerment of marginalized young people,
  • To motivate and involve young people in local and European youth work activities
  • To strengthen their cultural identity and encourage them to improve their intercultural communication in order to be able to become active members of their societies

The methodology of the training course:
The training course will be based on a non – formal education methodology. It will be based on the needs of the participants and will provide space for participants to share and explore the themes of the training course. Experienced trainers will prepare the methods based on the expectations and needs of the participants. They will provide participatory and innovative methods using music as educational tool with special focus on visual arts and web design which will ensure the participation of experienced and less experienced participants and give the opportunity to experience the methods by themselves too.  The programme requires participants to share their experiences and be willing to work in partnership

We will plan to use: individual, pair and mixed group work, drawings, montage/collage, group discussions, brainstorming, role play, dancing, singing, playing in instruments, using web design, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking and architecture, visit to good practice project, idea and project development, etc.

During the training course, education through music will be combined with visual arts as drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, film, printmaking and the decorative arts of ceramics and other creative artforms.  We will share our collective learning via an online youth work resource.

Participants will also share their learning and group work , with the local community at a European cultural festival taking place in Manchester City Centre entitled Góbéfest.  They will offer creative activities and short taster sessions for young people in the community.

Who can participate in the training course?
- Youth workers, youth leaders who directly work with marginalized young people e.g.
- Youth workers, youth leaders who have experiences in implementing or participating at least one international youth projects;
- Youth workers, youth leaders who are older than 18 and have an interest and motivation to work with creative and innovative non – formal educational methods and tools as music, visual arts and web design;
- Having organizational support to take part in the whole project;
- Having possibility to adapt education through music, visual arts and web design into their daily youth work activities;
- Being open to become a member of an international network and work on international youth projects by using education through music combined with visual arts and web design.

If you are interested in the project get in touch on info (at) beatbazaar.co.uk and request an application form .

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