Service vs. Learning

Project period: Jun 3, 2018 - Dec 2, 2018


United Kingdon

Our consortium represents youth organisations from a wide geographical sphere, however our profiles are similar. We all directly work with young people in general and unemployed young people specifically who have diverse backgrounds as being Roma, migrants, rural youth, early school leavers. We all the time work together with mixed groups of young people in order to support social integration of disadvantaged young people. We organise voluntary activities for group of young people or individuals based on their interests and needs in order to develop their social competences as empathy, tolerance, communication skills, raising their self-esteem and self-confidence, support their emotional intelligence. Besides these, during voluntary activities, young people can improve their transversal skills which can be useful for entering the labour market and fighting against youth unemployment. On the other hand, in our local communities there is a need for support and integration of diverse subcultural groups within voluntary activities. Our mission was to initiate such type of voluntary activities which can be beneficial for all members of our local communities as for young people and volunteers and different subgroups and individuals who need to get support and integration through our voluntary activities. By our project we wanted to foster the quality and quantity of the grass roots youth voluntary work and volunteer management among young people and our youth workers and youth leaders in order to be able to act as professional leaders of these activities. The overall aim we have set up by our Consortium was: To train youth leaders on volunteer management along The renewed framework for EU cooperation in the youth field according to the EU Commission and Youth work portfolio made by Council of EU. To learn self–assessment as youth leaders, exploring own personal and professional strengths and weaknesses and how they could become competent leaders of their volunteers. To improve their leadership on preparing, implementing and evaluating voluntary youth projects. We hosted in total 35 participants who are directly working with young people in general and unemployed young people specifically who have diverse backgrounds as being Roma, migrants, rural youth, early school leavers from Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Moldova, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and United Kingdom. „Service vs. Learning” was a training course on personal and professional development of volunteer groups through non formal education which was held betwen 28 September–6 October 2018 in Manchester, UK. The training course was based on non formal education. During the project we used several non-formal educational methods, tools and manuals published by Council of EU and EU Commission; The renewed framework for EU cooperation in the youth field and YIA programme and Youthpass within E+. The TC was built on the needs and expectations of our participants, so it was absolutely learner centred. During our TC, we improved the leadership competences, communication skills, management and organisational skills and self–esteem as attitude of our participants. Methods applied were self–assessment, theoretical and practical background, working in small groups, pairs, national and mixed groups, role plays, group building activities, research, creative and interactive methods.

Some of the results: DVD for promoters and participants was made in order to finalise their Youthpass learning processes and strengthen our partnership. It includes: Personal and professional learning aims. Organisational lands representing youth organisations. Learningnoms with learning outcomes of participants. Project ideas based on the needs of young people and local communities. Personal action plan for further professional developments. Organisational action plan for capacity building of partner organisations. Photos, videos and short movies about the local volunteering activities and about the training course. Personal and organisational plan to disseminate and exploit the results of the training course. Self – assessment part of Youthpass certificate. The results of the evaluation questionnaires. Service vs. Learning Manual was made for participants, promoters as targeting youth workers, youth leaders and decision –makers in youth field: This includes: Tips and hints how Voluntary activities and Social inclusion of The renewed framework for EU cooperation in the youth field can be adapted into local and EU youth work context based on the possibilities of participants. Thoughts why voluntary activities are beneficial for young people and the members of the local communities. Scripts and photos of the grass roots small voluntary activities.

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