Stories of You(th) Life | Part 2

Project starts in Nov 7, 2020

Part two of our long term international training course Stories of Your(th) Life aimed at youth workers will be taking place online using the Zoom platform on the 7-15th November 2020.

The overall aim of the long-term training course is to promote diversity and to develop a new positive narrative of inclusion through creative and innovative youth work activities. The course aims to contribute to the integration of migrants and refugees, whilst fighting racism, stereotypes and generalisation.

The course will train youth workers and youth leaders, providing an opportunity for young Europeans, refugees and migrants to meet, share and explore their stories.

The course will involve organisations from Hungary, Greece, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Estonia, Slovakia, Italy and the UK, who will be taking part.

The methodology of the training course:
Generally, the working methods will be non-formal and participative. Methods planned to include individual work, pair work, organisational work, mixed group work, field activity, light theatre method, theatre of oppressed, Dixit card exercise, montages, interviews, statutes, debate, aquarium discussion,

We have limited places available for this online international training opportunity. For more information and if you are interested in taking part, download and complete the application form

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