Sylvia Tella | Have I Got News For You

The Queen of Lover’s Rock has recently recorded a brand new song in Gorse Hill Studios, with sound engineer Richard Sliwa.  The track is called ‘Have I Got News for You’ and It’s a powerful reggae song with deep meaningful messages, and a catchy melody you will just love. 

It’s guaranteed to become a Hit in the Reggae World.   I have been hammering the un- mixed version on my  radio show for the last few weeks.    Some of you might have been lucky enough to hear it already , if not make sure you tune in this Sunday 11-1am.  

The final mix will be ready in no time.  You will be hearing it here first so watch this space. 

Sylvia has also appeared in The Lover’s Rock Story.  It’s a music documentary about Reggae culture in the UK directed by Menelik Shebazz.  (pictured with Sylvia)  If you love your Reggae, make sure you check it out.  It’s a captivating, funny and highly educational film.