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Project start date: April 08, 2021

Training course on enhancing awareness of the causes of unemployment of young people, following COVID19 and approaches to reduce unemployment through the support of local and transnational youth work policies and tools.

Themes of the Training Course:

Unemployment (particularly long-term unemployment) is one of the consequences of COVID19. For many young people unemployment implies lack of opportunities, lack of future perspectives, limited personal development, low self-esteem, the impossibility of becoming independent. 

The overall aim of the Training Course is to provide space for youth workers, youth leaders to better understand the causes of long-term unemployment of young people and to get familiar with youth policies made by European Commission in order to improve the employability of young people.

Learning objectives of the Training Course are:

  • To share and explore the micro and macro level perspectives of youth unemployment with special focus on the structural and individual factors in different countries;
  • To discover the social background of youth unemployment in general and the consequences in different countries;
  • To get acquainted with the approaches and proposals concerning youth unemployment of the European Commission through the renewed European Youth Strategy “Engaging, connecting and empowering young people” and its youth goal such as Quality employment for all;
  • To discuss tools how these youth policies can be achieved within local and international youth work activities for with and by unemployed young people;
  • To invent and explore new youth work tools at a local level with special focus on positive thinking, empowering young job seekers and fighting against social exclusion;
  • To invent new transnational youth projects based on improving the employability of young people.

The methodology of the Training Course:

The training will be based on the principles of non-formal education and aimed at using formal, informal, and non-formal learning elements. Trainers will focus on inventing a variety of methods in order to provide learning opportunities for all people with various learning styles.

Practical parts of the Training Course:

The Training Course will involve organizations from the following countries:  Hungary,  Romania,  Estonia,   Bulgaria,  Spain,  Italy,  Greece,  Lithuania,   Turkey and the  UK.

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