Triple I

Long term youth project on exploring and practicing Labyrinth Theatre and Forum Theatre as creative and innovative youth work methods in order to support the integration of refugees, migrants, minorities into local societies

Themes of the long-term project:
Migration is a growing and permanent part of Europe's future. We live in the world which faces a major migrant` crisis and has very little answers for it. Today, anti-semitism, racism, xenophobia and anti-migrant sentiment are again rising across Europe. Stereotypical thinking and tendency to blame minorities for negative social phenomena such as unemployment, crime or loss of welfare is very common in the communities settled by ethnic minorities. Despite much ongoing work done to date regarding increasing solidarity, eliminating discrimination and fighting against human rights violation, the reality shows how important it is to further work with young people, in the area of dialogue and harmonious interaction at all levels of the society. Especially in our target regions, where people live next to each other and they share neither a common language, nor
common religion and customs, which increases the chances of inequality, lack of solidarity, forming stereotypical viewpoints and cultural alienation. Furthermore, our target countries show a high rate of migration; xenophobia against non-nationals, and in particular, migrants, constitutes one of the main sources
of contemporary racism. All of the above mentioned factors, often become the root causes of various tensions and massive violation of human rights. It's especially important to actively work with youth workers and young multipliers who will spread European values in their own communities and develop effective strategies to address the issues of discrimination and marginalization towards minority groups.

''NGOs, voluntary organizations play a substantial role in providing services in local levels. They need some tools to deal with those issues. Recent studies show that intolerance and social exclusion are increasing, with some migrant groups feeling alienated. This is leading to incidences of social tensions and unrest. Non-formal Education has a key role to play in preparing societies for dealing with these phenomena.”

( European Commission)

The project intends to promote active participation of young people in society, it brings long-lasting effect as project participants will start working on local initiatives, developed during the training seminar, with already improved
competences. The project supports the professional development of youth workers and will raise awareness of the EU values. The long term training course will provide opportunities to learn on other cultures and countries and to build networks of international contacts.

So the overall aim of this long term project is to empower youth workers, multipliers from hosting communities as well as refugees to create dialogue that leads to integration and establishes a culture of peace.

The methodology of the project:

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Culture Skills

Last month Beat Bazaar Projects successfully launched a brand new community project entitled Culture Skills funded by the National Lottery Awards for All. The Culture Skills project was launched at Góbéfest, a three day community festival celebrating Eastern and Central European Culture in the heart of Manchester City Centre, in Albert Square. The project offered high quality volunteering opportunities, embracing and encouraging community leadership and providing valuable experience in community event organising. Twenty volunteers took part in the project, working in all areas of the event, from stewarding to running workshops in the activity tent.

The Culture Skills project is tailored to the learning needs of community leaders from Eastern European backgrounds. Culture Skills continues to offer advice, guidance, workshops and training in fundraising, writing funding applications, safeguarding, health & safety and other aspects of community leadership.

Music Potential Legacy Sessions Movie

Last year we organised an event for budding creative entrepreneurs to get them ready for self employment.  The Legacy Sessions welcomed young freelancers from all over the UK to Stun theatre in Manchester.  The project was a great success.  Check out this short video to see how it went.






Service vs Learning

Check out a short video from our last Erasmus Plus Course - Service vs Learning.

Service vs. Learning - Beat Bazaar project short movie from Ágota Rápolti on Vimeo.

Moments from the Service vs. Learning training course organized by Beat Bazaar between 28 September - 6 October 2018 in Manchester, United Kingdom. The training course was a mobility of youth workers under Erasmus+ program funded by the European Comission.

Music Potential Legacy Sessions

So You Wanna Be a Creative Entrepreneur?
The Legacy Sessions

28 & 29th September 2018

Are you a budding promoter, do you organise clubnights? Do you produce your own radio show? Do you design logos for your friends? Are you a DJ? Do you want to run music workshops for young people?

Come and learn how to become a freelancer and understand self-employment

Work for yourself | Be your own boss | Start your own business

Develop a business plan, get your head around funding Win some cash towards your business idea

Two-day training opportunity for budding young creative entrepreneurs

Day 1: Friday 28th September

Day 2: Saturday 29th September

Led by inspiring successful creative industry professionals

During the two days participants will complete an outline business plan and a short funding application. They will also be offered an opportunity to win some funding based on the strength of their funding bid, in support of their business plans.

Made Possible by Capital XTRA's Music Potential
For the last 4 years Capital XTRA'S Music Potential has helped young people aged 18-25, not in employment, education or training to improve and develop crucial skills necessary in developing their talent and enhancing their employability prospects. Capital XTRA'S Music Potential is part of The Big Music Project and is funded by The Big Lottery Fund. The Legacy Session aim to create a lasting legacy for Music Potential graduates by helping them to develop their own
freelance jobs and set up their own businesses.

Delivered by Beat Bazaar

”Service vs. Learning” Erasmus Plus Youth Work Training Course - APPLY NOW

Training Course on personal and professional development of volunteer groups through non-formal education

28 September – 6 October 2018, Manchester, United Kingdom

Themes of the training course:
Getting to know the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018) and its influence on our youth work in local and international level with special focus on voluntarism. Based on the renewed Youth work’ portfolio of Council of Europe to foster the quality and quantity of voluntary work and volunteer management among young people.

The overall aim of the training course is to train youth leaders on volunteer management along The renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018) according to the European Commission and Youth work portfolio made by Council of Europe. To learn self – assessment as youth leaders, exploring own personal and professional strengths and weaknesses and how they could become competent leaders of their volunteers. To improve their leadership on preparing, implementing and evaluating voluntary youth projects.

Learning objectives of the training course are:

The methodology of the training course:
The training course will be based on non-formal education. We will use tools and manuals published by Council of Europe and European Commission, e.g. Youth work’ portfolio; The renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018) and Youth in Action programme and Youthpass within Erasmus+. The training course will be built on the needs and expectations of our participants, so absolutely learner centered. During our training course, we will improve the leadership competences, communication skills, management and organizational skills and self – esteem as attitude of our participants. Methods we will use are self – assessment, theoretical and practical background, working in small groups, pairs, national and mixed groups, role plays, group building activities, research, creative and interactive methods.

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Rhythm of Our Thoughts Memoirs

From the 17th-25th June, we welcomed over 30 international creatives from 10 countries across Europe to participate in our latest Erasmus+ training course in our home town Manchester.

Throughout the week they took part in lots of different activities and training for the project. Forming groups, they came up with scenarios and ideas on how to tackle problems and stereotypes that might come up in everyday life. They co-operated with each other and learnt about their different cultures and backgrounds. All participants developed their knowledge of interconnection between different cultures and discovered how despite being very distant, they all are very close culturally. Claudia from Sardinia, Italy described how she learnt about the connection between Hungary, Romania and Translyvania, the distinction between Turkish and Kurdish people and also the situation in Greece: “Everyday for me was a wonderful surprise, every moment I spent with my “colleagues” I learn something new from them”.

Participants also needed to prepare throughout the week for a performance they would showcase at a local Manchester festival. Participants utilised New Song Studios in Old Trafford, Manchester, they received help from the Beat Bazaar Music Leader, Lorien Edwards as well as Gyopár Pávai , in creating music specifically for the festival.


For the last three days of the project the participants performed at Góbéfest. They helped open the festival to the public, taking to the main stage to present their feelings about European Citizenship.

Using Ode to Joy as a backing track, they came up with lyrics to a song which described the project. The performance showcased the skills and talents of the participants of the project, with participants playing instruments and singing. The performance also featured dance which showcased the dances of the different countries people were from.

Renato, also from Sardinia, said this was his key moment of the project. “Performing my music on such a big stage and also playing with such sensitive and fine musicians. I was so excited!”

Participants also split into groups to run workshops for the public for the rest of the three day festival. Speaking to Dagga G from Manchester, UK, his workshop was focused on cultural identity, focusing on a belonging to Europe. He chose to paint the flags of different countries onto festival-goers to help portray this. Participants found it interesting learning how to involve and relate to unknown people and finding a way of interacting with new members of the public and involving them in the workshops.

For many participants, it was their first time visiting Manchester and discovering our city. They liked the combination of old and modern architectures, the gothic buildings and the culture and art around Manchester. The participants got to perform in Albert Square in front of the iconic Manchester Town Hall for the last days of their project. Claudia described Manchester as a wonderful city: “I loved that everywhere you can breath art: great architecture, interesting museums, lots of talented street artists”. Renato also loved the atmosphere of the city, exploring areas such as Chinatown, the gay village and seeing the street performers across Manchester.

The Roots project participants also got the opportunity to meet the Lord Mayor of Manchester, June Hitchen and the commissioner of the Prime Minister of Hungary, Katalin Szili, during the project. They discussed with her about their countries and cultures and what they’d been doing during the project. Many of the project participants have now kept in touch and are planning to meet up again and connect in further projects and activities. Dagga G, for example, is planning to travel to visit connections he’s made and DJ in their countries.


Rhythm of Our Thoughts - ROOTs - Erasmus Plus Training Course.

Get involved with our next Erasmus Plus training course on exploring and practicing education through music, with
special focus on visual arts and web design as positive non – formal educational tools for empowerment, participation and intercultural communication. The training helps youth workers encourage European Citizenship amongst marginalised young people through music and the arts.

Rhythm of our thoughts will take place between 17-25 June 2017 in Manchester, United Kingdom and will welcome participants from Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Turkey and the UK.

Themes of the training course:
Exploring music as educational tool within local and European youth work activities with special focus on IT technology as visual arts and web design.

“ROOTS: Rhythm of our thoughts” – what is music in your youth work?

The overall aim of the training course is to train youth workers, youth leaders to explore and adapt creative and innovative non – formal educational methods and tools as education through music into their local youth work activities in the sake of marginalized young people they work with.

The methodology of the training course:
The training course will be based on a non – formal education methodology. It will be based on the needs of the participants and will provide space for participants to share and explore the themes of the training course. Experienced trainers will prepare the methods based on the expectations and needs of the participants. They will provide participatory and innovative methods using music as educational tool with special focus on visual arts and web design which will ensure the participation of experienced and less experienced participants and give the opportunity to experience the methods by themselves too.  The programme requires participants to share their experiences and be willing to work in partnership

We will plan to use: individual, pair and mixed group work, drawings, montage/collage, group discussions, brainstorming, role play, dancing, singing, playing in instruments, using web design, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking and architecture, visit to good practice project, idea and project development, etc.

During the training course, education through music will be combined with visual arts as drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, film, printmaking and the decorative arts of ceramics and other creative artforms.  We will share our collective learning via an online youth work resource.

Participants will also share their learning and group work , with the local community at a European cultural festival taking place in Manchester City Centre entitled Góbéfest.  They will offer creative activities and short taster sessions for young people in the community.

Who can participate in the training course?
- Youth workers, youth leaders who directly work with marginalized young people e.g.
- Youth workers, youth leaders who have experiences in implementing or participating at least one international youth projects;
- Youth workers, youth leaders who are older than 18 and have an interest and motivation to work with creative and innovative non – formal educational methods and tools as music, visual arts and web design;
- Having organizational support to take part in the whole project;
- Having possibility to adapt education through music, visual arts and web design into their daily youth work activities;
- Being open to become a member of an international network and work on international youth projects by using education through music combined with visual arts and web design.

If you are interested in the project get in touch on info (at) and request an application form .

HERE TO STAY - Erasmus Plus Training Programme

Beat Bazaar Projects is ready to host the second Erasmus+ training programmes taking place in Manchester across 2018. February saw the launch of International Bridge Builders, the first Erasmus+ course focusing on European youth work training. Now the Manchester based non-for-profit youth and cultural organisation prepares to host “Here-to-Stay”.

“Here to Stay” is a long-term training course, welcoming 40 youth workers from 10 different countries to Manchester. Migration is the main topic of the course, with participants developing awareness of immigration issues, the refugee crisis, discrimination faced by young people and youth unemployment. The project is funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+, the European Union’s programme for education, training, youth and sport.

The project consists of three phases: two training courses and an evaluation period. The first phase welcomes the participants to Manchester between 20-29th April 2018, and the second phase to Sfantu Gheorghe in Romania between 10-17th November. The Manchester training course will be held at Sharon Youth Centre, located in Old Trafford, Manchester.

Participants of “Here to Stay” arrive from 10 countries: Italy, Greece, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Hungary and the UK. The youth workers will arrive on 20th April, with the course set to start the next day, with a week of intensive training. Participants will develop their awareness of migration in Europe, and help promote tolerance and positive attitudes towards young people from different cultures. The youth workers will also help develop projects connected to mobility aimed to engage young people and foster mobility amongst youth.

Beat Bazaar Projects Ltd. Is a small organisation based in Z-Arts in Hulme, which provides music making opportunities and cultural experiences for young people and the community, increasing participation and engagement in music and the arts. Beat Bazaar Projects works with diverse communities and offers creative and music projects, events & festivals, youth exchanges in the community. Beat Bazaar Projects has recently won the Performing and fine Arts Institution of the year award at the Europia Women’s Award.

The lead partner for “Here to Stay” is the Youth Centre from Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania, A non-governmental organisation which organises regular free-time activities for young people and volunteers. Their activities include arts and crafts workshops, an annual youth festival, international youth exchanges, and cultural adventure training for young people.

If you re a youth worker and you would like to take part download the info and application form below:

Course Information

Application form

Complete and return your form to info [at]

Check out the performances from Music Potential's Unleashed at Koko in London

International Bridge Builders


Beat Bazaar Projects is pleased to be the coordinating organisation in new partnership project, funded by the European Union's Erasmus Plus Programme, entitled International Bridge Builders.   The long-term partnership training programme for youth workers will focus on  quality non-formal educational methods and techniques in order to promote solidarity, tolerance, cooperation & mutual understanding amongst different cultures on a local and European level. International Bridge Builders will involve 8 partner countries: Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Spain and the UK.  

Phase I:  Training course in Manchester, United Kingdom, 17-26 February 2018 focusing to establish the fundamental base for common long term cooperation amongst partners;  to initiate the local youth campaigns and activities and European youth projects.

Phase II: Practice period March 2018 – July 2018 the activities will be decided by participants on fighting against radicalisation of young people and celebrate cultural diversity and support each others in an E-learning process.

Phase III: 2nd Evaluation seminar in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania, 18-25 August 2018.  Focusing on definitive roles and tasks of culturally diverse multipliers.

Further details can be found on the European Commissions Website:

Beat Bazaar Projects at Caribbean Carnival Manchester