Dance and Wellbeing Course

Project starts in Jan 18, 2021

Boost your physical and mental health by joining the Online Dance and Wellbeing Course. Creative movement and dance are powerful imaginative tools. Whether you’re 70 years young or 16 years old engaging in physical activities is important for both body and mind.

This will be a 6-8-week online course starting in January. If you are interested please fill out the Application Form below, so we can provide you with further information. The workshops will be for small groups and we can also deliver one to one sessions, if required.

Tikira is a dance for well-being practitioner with a special interest in Yogic culture.

"My sessions are interpreted by individuals in a uniquely personal way that opens them to a new sense of freedom, that is exhilarating, surprising and deeply restorative. If you like to dance and express yourself through movement, come and get involved."

Tikira Ah-Tou

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