G Man - Young Musical Genius rocks the stage at Mic Bytes Jam Street

The Beat Bazaar Collective's youngest member G Man is a real genius when it comes to music making.  At the tender age of 13 he has already produced some absolute banging tunes,  all with a wide appeal and infectious energy.  G Man,  aka Gio has been working hard on developing his music skills, attending various studios to perfect his craft and gain more experience in music production. He has also been collaborating with various artists and experimenting with styles.

G Man has also taken part in several live events such as Taste Festival in Levenshulme and more recently Mic Bytes at Jam Street Cafe alongside Empress Asher, Natasha Maximova, Angeli, G Host & More of Manchester finest emerging artists.  G Man has got some serious talent in the studio and judging by the reaction of the audience,  he is also a fantastic performer in the making.  He is about to start building his own home recording studio,  where he will surely be unleashing some more banging tunes.

G Man is set to release his very first track ever made on Beat Bazar Records Feel Good Compilation,  which will be dropping in 2016.  G Man is definitely one to watch in 2016.

Check out his performance at Jam Street Cafe - BIG TUNE FOR LIL PEOPLE!

G Man is a hard working young musician who puts time and effort into perfecting his skill in the studio and on the stage.  Beat Bazaar is proud to be nurturing such determined young musical talent.  Follow G Man

on Twitter @Gman_laylor

or Facebook: Gman Laylor

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