International Bridge Builders

Project period: Oct 2, 2017 - Dec 1, 2018


Czech Republic
United Kingdon


Our project “International Bridge Builders” was a long-term training course, taking place from October 2017 until December 2018.

The overall aim of the training course was to train youth workers, youth leaders on being able to raise awareness and develop attitudes in connection with cultural diversity, to develop understanding and skills towards using non-formal methods within youth work activities on a local, regional and international level. The project focused on respecting cultural diversity and cross community cooperation all over Europe, Caucasus, EECA and Western Balkan and even wider area. It aimed to build a network among EU countries with youth leaders and youth workers who establish and implement youth projects with an emphasis on cultural diversity at a local and regional level and to cooperate together on an international level. During the IBB project we hosted a total number of 29 participants who work with young people who come from under-privileged living conditions.

The project had three phases:
Phase I: Training course in Manchester, United Kingdom 17-26 February 2018. It focused to establish the fundamental base for common long-term cooperation among partners; to develop competences of participants with special focus on attitude and knowledge, to make twinning as support system between participants for practice phase in order to strengthen partnership building, to set up the e-support through E-learning platform, to initiate the local youth campaigns and activities and European youth projects.
Phase II: Practice period March 2018 – July 2018 with the activities developed by participants on fighting against radicalisation of young people and celebrating cultural diversity, supporting eachother via in an E-learning process. It focused on twin support between participants, building a network among partners, and publishing the NFL methodology of the local campaigns and youth activities.
By the end of the practice period, local research was carried out in order to assess the impact of the TC and make suggestions for improvement in the seminar.
Phase III: 2nd Evaluation seminar in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania 18-25 August 2018. It focused on defining the roles and tasks of culturally diverse multipliers, improving mostly skills of participants: solving problems which were impossible to make through E-learning support, finalising the IBB Manual, the culturally diverse manual and to create the sustainability of the project’s results.

Main results of our project:
IBB Manual - with 5 creative and innovative non-formal methods to train youth workers, youth leaders on being able to raise awareness and develop attitudes towards cultural diversity
Photos and videos
Learning outcomes of our participants
Local youth work activities realised during the practice phase
7 future project ideas, which were developed further and will be submitted for the next deadlines in the partnership of the promoters of our project

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