Sunday Stream Concert Series

Project starts in Feb 28, 2021


A series of gigs, live streamed from Greater Manchester and recorded as live from Transylvania and beyond, will explore the links between classical and folk music, and the east and west of Europe.

From the 28th of February we will be streaming a series of Sunday concerts live from the Wood Rooms. Featuring live performances from the likes of Folktone Banda, Elizabeth Sillo, Michael Cretu and many more.

The Sunday Stream will bring you a blend of Folk Music, Classical sounds, Opera, Jazz, World Music and more. We are looking forward to livening up your Sunday afternoons.

Along with pianist Dorothy Singh, Richard and Elizabeth will perform a set taking in both Hungarian and Welsh folksongs, including Sosban fach (Welsh), "Tavaszi szél "(Hungarian) and "A jó lovas katonának" (Hungarian).

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