Góbéfest is a vibrant festival of arts and culture from the Carpathian Basin presenting a rich variety of music, dance and arts from Eastern and Central Europe. Now in it’s third year the festival is fast becoming an established event, attracting a lively diverse crowd to Albert Square. The family festival with it's unique Transylvanian theme, offers plenty of activities and entertainment for children and adults alike. In 2017 10,000 people attended the festival and in 2018 there were 17,000 visitors and this continued in 2018.

The festival appeals to a multicultural audience attracting people from all over the UK. Although it boasts a Transylvanian Theme, it has from the very start brought a wealth of cultures to the city centre, from Hungarians, Romanians, Polish, Bulgarians.

Góbéfest has also introduced the little known Székely culture to Mancunians and the UK, raising awareness, exploring and highlighting the deeper meanings of diversity. The Székelys are ethnic Hungarians living in Transylvania, Romania.

The festival has a fantastic atmosphere, serving up not just a perfect blend of music, dance and colourful costumes, but also original authentic tastes and flavours, a colourful makers market, hot food stalls with a tasty cuisine wine bars and Transylvanian craft beer.

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